Video of Sheriff’s Deputy Abusing Pro-Life Protester Goes Viral


In just three days, the video racked up well over 2,000 views on YouTube. Most people are appalled at the actions of the deputy, and some expressed their grievances on the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page:

I’m pretty disgusted in the way you handled that man that was only exercising his 1st amendment rights. How sad, that you took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution, and yet here you are, violating them. There was never a need for handcuffs, much less a lecture from the officer. Shame on him, and shame on the department that allows this type of thing to continue to happen.

Apparently, your department hasn’t gotten the memo about social media, and this concept called “viral”, from which you cannot hide your thug behavior.

YouTube comments were also overwhelmingly critical of the deputy’s behavior, and supportive of the pro-life protester:

This needs to be shared and shared again. This man did nothing wrong!

this is terrible!

Threatening anyone with arrest for “obstruction” is unlawful intimidation. They have to have a crime in order to make that claim, and peacefully holding a sign in a public place is not a crime. Their assault and battery on the man is a crime. He needs to sue the assailant.

CLEARLY, THIS DEPUTY was NOT upholding the Constitution NOR the POLICY of the SCSO. He IS intimidating Both Citizens, CLEARLY A POWER TRIP which should be Addressed by His CO the Locally elected, Sheriff OZZIE K. This type of bullying has been seen around the country [and] is creating a divide against the Local police and its Citizenry

Several commenters praised the good Samaritan citizen-journalist:

You have more courage than 99% of pro-life professors and pastors girl. We appreciate your steadfastness.

Great job filming. Remember to stand up to them when they ask for ID. They have no right to question you.

Thank you for sharing and exposing the evil of bullying of this poor citizen.  Brave lady.  You are a hero.   We must be united in standing for truth.

So far, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office has not issued a statement about the video.