Correction: Knezovich Costs Taxpayers Only $115,000 in the Lee Case

On December 9, KR published a story titled “Knezovich Costs Spokane Taxpayers Another $150,000“.

Sheriff Knezovich has since contacted the author, and threatened legal action for posting incorrect information. In his email to RTC, the Sheriff kindly provided the amounts for the legal and expert fees, not available to KR at the time of the publication of the original article. Here is the breakdown of the costs of the lawsuit:

Federal Lawsuit Settlement: $50,000
Public Records Request (PRR) Settlement: $28,000
Legal Fees: $18,000
Expert Fees: $19,000

Therefore, the actual cost to Spokane County taxpayers was only $115,000, not $150,000 as our initial report stated. We apologize to the readers and Mr. Knezovich for the mistake.