Ryan Holyk’s Hat Band Imprint on Bumper of Deputy’s Car


From KHQ:

In the fifth review of the case, Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich says a new report by one of his investigators shows an imprint from Ryan Holyk’s hat on the bumper of Deputy Joe Bodman’s patrol car. 

Dr. Jarrod Carter found evidence that the hat Ryan was wearing at the time of the crash left an imprint in the same area that Ryan’s DNA was found on the bumper.

“It indicates very clearly that the bumper did in fact hit Holyk’s head,” Dr. Carter said in a press conference on Wednesday.

The Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office says they will be taking “another look” at the case, in light of the new evidence.

This news comes just weeks after the Sheriff’s Citizens Advisory and Review Board issued a report concluding that the deputy’s vehicle did not strike Ryan Holyk. At the time, the Spokesman-Review newspaper quoted Knezovich as saying “This is the fourth outside review. I don’t know how many reviews other people might want.”