Spokane County Police State

Rob Chase, former Spokane County Treasurer:

Ozzie’s detractors say that he is thin-skinned, vindictive, paranoid, narcissistic, and a bully. To that I would add he is a shrewd politician. All natural statistics distribute themselves around a Bell Curve. Spokane County tends Republican over Democrat, perhaps 55 – 45% but the Sheriff cuts the right side of the Bell Curve in half again and attacks the Conservative Constitutionalists. The result is the moderate Republicans love it and the Democrats follow suit. This is why he will usually get 70% of the vote.

Most of the people on the Right Wing are responsible, law abiding citizens, but many are afraid of the Sheriff. They pay the Sheriff’s salary through their Property Taxes but many have told me they would be hesitant to call him. Sheriff Knezovich was also the main cheerleader for the 1/10 of 1% sales tax to pay for the updated Emergency Management System (‘Spokane County Emergency 911 Bond Issues’ at inlandnwreport.com). I still think the $200 million project may be the biggest boondoggle in Spokane County history with tens of millions of $’s wasted. I was very vocal about the need for more financial transparency, and the Sheriff was critical of my concerns on the Mike Fitzsimmons show on KXLY Radio in the spring of 2017.

The attacks by the Sheriff on John Christina and myself for the article by John T. Whitehead only prove the author’s contention that we need to beware of a growing Police State. I think Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich with his spooky, Orwellian billboards, his expensive radios, his local informers, his demagoguery, his hateful obsession with Rep. Matt Shea and anyone else who may disagree with him are loathsome traits in an Office which has so much power.

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