Ozzie Comes Out of the Closet

Many of us knew our Republican Sheriff should have run as a Democrat. Actions speak louder than words. Although the Spokane Valley City Council is a non-partisan race, the Sheriff’s endorsements of Lance Gurel, and Tim Hattenburg, were also endorsed by the Spokane County Progressives and Democrats. Although Brandi Peetz is posing as a Republican Precinct Committee Officer, she was endorsed by the Progressives.

Why would Republican Sheriff Knezovich endorse three candidates with liberal ties? In 2012 he had his picture taken with Democrat Amy Biviano who was running against Rep. Matt Shea. He didn’t endorse either of them but let Amy put it out on her literature to appear as if he had. When asked why he let her use his picture he said “I can’t help who wants to use my picture.” Actually he could have asked her to remove his picture, but didn’t.  His pathological hatred for Matt Shea, who he can’t control, was reason enough to be in her camp. The Sheriff is a control freak.

There is more here than meets the eye. The Sheriff does nothing unless it is to his advantage. Spokane County tends to vote Republican so it has made political sense for him to run as a Republican. In the Spokane Valley City Council race he saw an opportunity to change the Council into a liberal majority who would owe him a favor, while sticking it to the Conservatives.

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